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January 11, 2017
January 11, 2017

A / the therapy made from the soul

I’m often asked by colleagues at the beginning of their road or by course participants how can they do what I do with my hands. The answer is simple: you cannot do what I do with MY OWN hands! Because I cannot be someone else, and neither can someone else be like me. We are unique even if physically we look alike. On top of that, there’s also the emotional, psychic, intellectual part, the outer influences… Each one of these and all of them together make us different. So, how could someone else do what I do and how I do it? And what’s the point of doing it like me?! Shouldn’t they want to be themselves?!

Keeping to the technical part, it’s not enough to perfectly know it in order to perfectly practice the therapy! It’s not enough to know how the technique is applied, how many lines, how many points, how many times… Something else is needed on top of all that. As Sensei SorinIga used to say: in yumeiho, the technique is only 50% of the therapy; the other 50% consist of a lot of work, dedication, aptitudes, vocation and… SOUL! It sound a little affected and “spiritual” but, beyond words, there is REALITY. Without this dedication to the patient, the therapy you will apply will be barren, impersonal, spectacular when considered from the outside, but… that’s all!

There will also be effects after the application of the yumeiho therapy, even if the patient is at the beginning of the road or, on the contrary, experienced. Of course these will differ according to abilities and knowledge but, essentially, effects are generated! The yumeiho therapy actually works! I haven’t met yet the patient able to say they felt nothing after the therapy. And even if they don’t say it or they don’t admit it, the effects are visible and they can be felt! So, it’s clear all practitioners of yumeiho can get results following the application of the therapy.

The difference in results resides in their implication and perseverance poured in applying what they have learned at the initiation and further training courses.

I say nothing new, especially to those who participate to the courses attended by Sensei! All these, and plenty others, are told and repeated hoping practitioners will understand yumeiho is not just the technique taught at the course.

Practice, further training and perseverance. These are what will finally make the difference, when you face the patient. The therapeutic experience will help you evolve and get the result everyone wants to obtain. This is the big SECRET!

Finally, returning to the initial question: “When will I be able to do…?”. The answer is: never!

A lot of work and tenacity will render you able to apply the yumeiho therapy while keeping the particularities specific to each of you, characteristics given by the physical constitution, aptitudes, knowledge, mental attitude…

All these will help you apply the PERFECT therapy!

And, don’t forget, work from the SOUL! This is what I do too…

25th of April, 2013