Masayuki Saionji – Founder of the Yumeiho Therapy

The founder of the YUMEIHO® therapy – OTSUKI MASAYUKI – best known under the pseudonym of SAIONJI MASAYUKI, was born on 18th of November, 1943, in Tokyo – Japan.

Masayuki Saionji

In his early life, despite his passion for the oriental traditional medicine, he followed the “MEIJI” University courses in Tokyo, Faculty of Commerce, upon the insistence of his father. In his student years he was mostly drawn to studying the Chinese language and calligraphy instead of the principles and rules of commerce. Consequently, he gradually abandoned the university courses in favor of studying in depth the Chinese calligraphy.

He was a Chinese calligraphy instructor for three years. He often visited China in order to improve his technique, and it is precisely in China that he gets in touch with the Chinese traditional medicine by means of the ancient books that he was studying from a calligraphic point of view. The theoretical principles, the philosophy and the therapeutic manual procedures in particular featured by these works fascinated him, and therefore he decided to assimilate them.

In 1975 he met Shuichi Ono Hidekazu, a well known master of Seitai Ho – [manual healing method designed to balance the human physiology starting from postural adjustment by applying certain procedures of myo-articular functional balancing, point therapy, massage and joint manipulation].

Master Shuichi Ono Hidekazu had founded his therapeutic procedures based on a long study of the Zheng Ti Fa rehabilitation techniques applied within the Buddhist monasteries from China (within the famous Shao Lin monastery too, amongst others).

He studied various traditional Oriental manual healing methods, especially the Chinese and the Japanese ones (Tui-na, Zheng Ti Fa, An-Ma, Shiatsu, Do In, Seitai-ho etc.) for 6 years.

In 1980 he opened a private cabinet in Tokyo. He also began to study Esperanto, which subsequently helped him a lot in promoting his own therapeutic method.

In 1981 he completed the studies he had begun within the National Japanese School of Shiatsu and Traditional Oriental Therapies (NIHON – SHIATSU SENMON GAKKO).

In 1981 he also set up an innovative therapeutic system, initially called “Divine Massage” and then “Coxal Bone Adjustment and Acupressure Therapy” or “Yumeiho Therapy”.

In 1982 he founded, together with a close group of collaborators, the organization called “The League for Generalization to the Whole Humanity of Correcting Coxal Therapy, through Massage and Point Therapy” and then, in the same year, he founded the “AKAHIGE” foundation, the president of which he remained until 2005, the purpose of this foundation being to spread Yumeiho® therapy all over the world.

In 1983 he was licensed as a Master of Shiatsu massage and point therapy; the license being presented within the Examination Foundation for Oriental Therapy Techniques and Researches, the only institution which was accredited by the Ministry of Health of Japan to provide such titles, thus being officially accredited as a Japanese manual therapy master.

In 1987 he founded the “International Institute of Practical Preventive Medicine in Tokyo”, the director of which he was until his death, in 2005.

Beginning with 1989 was invited to various countries around the world to present his therapy, these visits being organized mainly by groups and organizations of Esperanto speakers.

In 1990 he was invited to teach Yumeiho therapy within the Central Military Aviation Hospital in Moscow – Russia. Thus, a collaboration that would last over 10 years began. In time, numerous scientific studies and researches on the prophylactic and curative effectiveness of the Yumeiho therapy were carried out in collaboration with this institution.

In 1992 he was invited as “high-qualification teacher” at the University of Traditional Medicine and Pharmacology in Jiaozuo, Hunan Province – China.

In 1994, the Traditional Medicine Research Institute at the Russian Ministry of Health awarded him the honorary title of Doctor of Traditional Medicine.

In 1995, in Moscow, he successfully presented the Yumeiho therapy before the Scientific Council of the International Sciences Academy for the contest aiming the PhD title in Medical Sciences. In the same year, 1995, the International Sciences Academy in San Marino awarded him the title of Doctor of Traditional Medical Sciences.

Between 1990 and 1995 he frequently visited Moscow, the Scientific Research Center of the Central Military Hospital of the Air Force, respectively, where he initiated over 130 military doctors in applying the Yumeiho therapy. The beneficiaries of the therapy application were pilots and spacemen in particular, the application of the Yumeiho® therapy being recommended both in view of preventing the onset of professional diseases (specific to their activities) and in order to treat diseases in early stages.

Between 1989 and 2004 he traveled to over 40 countries, in view of popularizing the Yumeiho therapy and of training practitioners outside the Japanese borders.

By 2004 the Yumeiho therapy was spread in 73 countries, practice and training centers, as well as professional organizations, being set up in plenty of these countries.

In 1993 he first visited Romania (Timisoara), on the occasion of the launch of the book “The Miracle of the Twentieth Century”, the translation from Esperanto into Romanian having been carried out by Prof. Rodica Popa and Dr. Florica Popa.

On the 28th of February, 2005, Dr. SAIONJI MASAYUKI, the founder of the Yumeiho® Therapy and director of the International Institute of Practical Preventive Medicine in Tokyo, passed away as a result of an unfortunate accident.

Publishing activity:

In 1987, in Japan, his first book (entitled “Yumeiho – Quick Treatment of Various Sufferings”) in which Dr. Saionji Masayuki presented his own theoretical concept on the human pathology causes and his own therapeutic method, evolved from it, was published.

Between 1987 and 1991 he wrote and published, both in China and in Japan, 7 works on his own manual “Yumeiho” therapy. The books “Quick Healing through the Yumeiho Therapy” and “How to Prevent Sudden Death” became best-sellers.

Between 1987 and 2004 he published many articles and interviews in newspapers and magazines such as: “THE JAPAN TIME” – 1989, “PASSPORT TO THE NEW WORLD” – 1994, “LA REVUO ORIENTA” – 1996, and others.

In 1989 he translated and published the first Esperanto edition of the book entitled “Yumeiho”.

Between 1991 and 2004 the book “Yumeiho Therapy” is translated into 26 languages and printed in over 20 countries.

In 1993, the translation into Romanian of “YUMEIHO” was published under the title “MIRACOLUL SECOLULUI XX” [“The Miracle of the 20th Century”].

Sorin Iga
President of the Romanian Yumeiho® Society,
6th degree instructor and therapist,
International Representative of the International Institute of Practical Preventive Medicine from Tokyo – Japan