Yumeiho is The Love inside You

YUMEIHO TAISO (Diino bics)
April 6, 2020
The Romanian who got thousands of people on their feet with a Japanese therapy that does not heal anything
September 21, 2020

“People have a habit to declare “that is it, or that is not”, but to those who perceive how things happen in this world, in accordance with truth and wisdom, there is not does not exist. And to those who perceive in truth and wisdom as things perish in this world, this is not does not exist“– Buddha, Samyutta Nikaya

The touch. An act of rapprochement with countless interpretable hypostases. If we were to imagine the genesis, that denomination which designates the moment (timeless and space-free) of the creation of the universe, would mean to accept that God’s first act was the touch. Not only do we accept this fact, but we do practice it intuitively, naturally and in the likeness to what we might undoubtedly call the mirror of each individual’s self-awareness, that always accompanies us.

The question remains, of course, for every human being: Who am I?

This interrogation has shattered many myths and encouraged others in justified and/or unjustified ways.

In fact, who are we, each and every? A possible, plausible and solid response is the following: the connection between the part and the whole. The whole and all of His components. And we go back to touch…

Probably (possibly) the first moment of the creation was a touch…one pressed and then pulled in the infinity. A sort of cuddle which does not hesitate to make itself all-embracing. You know that hug that seems timid at first, and then it becomes more and more intense? Then the whole universe became our hands, our legs, our knees, our elbows, our foreheads, our integrity, our prayers. It became the Love. I don’t know how it is made (or created), but every time we go back to the prayer towards ourselves. It is probably a divine symptom.

What is the difference between praying heaven for something and praying the man inside you? It’s irresistible simple. The man makes the difference. The man does the good, his opposite and a synthesis of the two hypostases. This can be discovered through hard work, obedience, attention, senseless repetition, perseverance and a lot of compassion, for example, through the Yumeiho therapy. It is simply a Self-recreation.

The Yumeiho therapy is neither the strongest nor the greatest, but it is the hypostasis in which the commitment of one man to another manifests itself outstandingly. The Yumeiho therapy teaches you a lot: to transform your relation with yourself to the one with the other/others; to value all your personal resources and exceed your limits. And the limits represent that barrier (temporarily) blocking the reminder of the Self. Ephesus’s philosopher, Heraclitus patented the statement ” Panta Rhei” (Everything flows). In other words, “No man can enter the water of the same river twice, because neither river nor man are the same”. Also said by Heraclitus. In essence (and in itself), Heraclitus referred to the passage of time. This existential parameter that condemns us to Self. How natural it is to be good, nice, somehow connected with all our fellows, with the whole nature, with the fact that we were born and it is imperative for us to assume that moment: the Birth.

Yet, I believe in Yumeiho and in Man, in what the immutability of consciousness represents. In other words, the details change, but the man can choose to remain, like Yumeiho, the same. Yumeiho is fascinating because it “changes” for every man and “transforms” the man. Yumeiho is a therapy that places you with your own reflection without having to look at yourself. This chance of the Self is a deed that is exercised with eyes closed. Some sort of innocent blindness.

The prayer helps, but hands help even more. And the legs help. And the will helps. Everything you are helps.

The Yumeiho experience is an undeniable one. You learn, revolt, look, discharge a few whiny sounds to the universe (read “towards heaven”), it hurts, you get tired, you get to touch, to understand (like a sinusoid of the more and the too little), you get exhausted, you read, reread, you empathize as a continuous fire of giving. Only the gift is yours. Yumeiho is the work you give with all your being, that nearby genre and the specific difference that refers to you, to the energy (yes, energy also in the form of money), to your existence, to everything that means “setting yourself in the normality of life” and in its flow. And it refers, in any existential instance, to Health. This thing, the Health, is a full balance factor that we all lack. And, we often find it in our attitude, in the way we stand in front of life. Learning to practice the Yumeiho therapy, you understand the importance of sincerity with yourself and the openness towards (almost) all the people you meet.

With 100 procedures carried out after 1000 rehearsal, you can start the 1001 time the act of being, of the work of self-adjusting, of loving the man, of the natural fact of continuing the joy of the gift of being born. And the great Joy is that of Presence.

The Yumeiho therapy is a continuous learning. Of You, of Yourself, of your fellows. You learn unexplainable things without understanding, and you continue knowing that you will end up, in an indefinite way, to yourself. You teach your hands, your feet, your heart and, in general, you teach yourself to be what you have always been: a Man. And last, but not least, you find your face when you turn your back to the therapist. (those who make the postural evaluation know why).

Lucian Danila – Yumeiho therapist, 3rd degree

Translation by Ana Maria Hohota