A / the therapy made from the soul
January 11, 2017
Why I love Yumeiho 2 (Random confessions of a philosopher practitioner)
January 11, 2017

Motto: Just like anyone else who still believes in the goodness of justice (of readjustment), I have chosen to be absent to my fellows. I have failed to do that. But they loved me downright, until the end… The end is an inexistent destination.”


There are no repetitions in all that we feel. The body fades away, and there is no way of stopping it, though time is a gift from God… That is why sometimes we do not know when and why we have the inexplicable gift-privilege of slowing down. The passage is an amendment came directly from God, which lets us know we are about everything we can-choose.

The Yumeiho therapy has given me everything. I’m not at all tempted to exaggerate in saying that. It has brought me back to the absolute lack of knowledge destined to embrace completeness.

And, with an infinitely insufficient humbleness I am able to prove now, I have no other argument than the only one which seems logic, human, Divine, Simple: the Yumeiho therapy never ends, but it stands to begin, each and every time…

God has given us the Yumeiho therapy. Just like that… This is how God works… honestly. And why is that? Due to yearning, to giving, to passion, That is why, He (She) is why… and we can speculate with an unstoppable human affection, and explanation that will end long before that Instant when I will have understood the kneeling which brings, constantly smiling, affectionately, simply praying, a life… the life of each of us, just as we live in that Instant.

I love the Yumeiho therapy because it is practiced while kneeling, our heads leaned down to where we came from, and to where we return, in praying. I love the Yumeiho therapy because even though no one will ever understand what makes us alive, transient and still children and destined to hope for God, Yumeiho throws us, inexpiably and with no reason to make us proud, in Feeling. I live Yumeiho because it brings me powerlessness, a powerlessness which is, still, too small for a Hope that high. I love Yumeiho because it does not comply with the law of gravity. I love Yumeiho because I love, may my passage speed up if I don’t speak the truth, a handful of people who have changed my life by each and every Instant I have spent with the. I love the Yumeiho therapy because I miss the repetition, the pressure, the humbleness, the struggle, the enthusiasm, the endlessness, the serenity which rebuilt me in a catalogue of my own, a catalogue of freedom carrying tones. I love the Yumeigo therapy because it reminds me not to invest “too much” love in “someone”, but to love more, and more… as long as I can pray. I love Yumeiho because it exists without having ever been born, but hoping to be reborn. I love the Yumeiho therapy because, before existing, it was born as yet another hope in the greater good of those who resemble us, of each and every one of us. And I love the Yumeiho therapy because there are so many things to be written, to be made, to be felt, by and for it, by and for life, by and always for God…