What does it mean for me Yumeiho
January 11, 2017
Introductory Confessions
January 11, 2017

The hope bearing word

“I choose to be a shooting star instead of an ember”, Sorin Iga

Anonymity is the science of details. Intensity is condemned to the precise gesture of describing humbleness. I have started to define, as approximately as my choice dictates, the semantic equivalence of the word “friendship”. “Friendship” is, indeed, a word, but before being a word, it is choice. Choice is the one which rules on a territory of actions you could generically call “praying with deeds for your fellows”.

Yumeiho is, amongst others, an act of praying which comes to us as a gift we can choose. What we call coincidence between the cold outside and the carelessness under the guise of shine flaunted by some of our fellows can always be timelessly alchemized into good deeds by the choosing the allegory of the soul in prayer. The feeling of kneeling is a new addendum received from Yumeiho (an act of kneeling performed by the signatory of these lines which are here presented, but driven into hope) in its hypostasis of late January and, above all, a generating kindness, which is the consequence of an anonymous master, at the same time divine and eternal in his virtuality and virtuosity re-plicated in the art of omnipresence – Nature.

The joy stirring in me, in you and in the Self the gift of the act of springing is the waking which materializes the smile that carries our joy (and the irresistible condemnation to love – a blight full of meaning) of existing between the so-called “minus” and “plus” infinite (nothing else but a word).

Recurring to friendship, Mihai has held with the same stubborn style of attention to details a new course of initiation in the Yumeiho therapy. I delighted, warmly smiling, and not at all by convention, in remembering those things which make the difference in every act… the details. Sometimes, details pile up, in particular when they aspire to efficiency, in the decision of each of us, who claim the self-contained consciousness, to listen… but without objecting… and not seldom, without thinking.

I listened, I performed, I sometimes forgot. But above all I hoped I would learn. The “certainty” of knowledge can be nothing but the facet hungry for power and control of the whole called Belief-Hope. I believe and I hope I will learn, I hope and I believe I will learn and, even before the act of learning, that I will understand Yumeiho. Because I have chosen it. Even while hoping to dedicate some of the acts to those who built their hope in Salvation.

When people coincide so much with themselves, freedom looses its condition of desideratum, sinking, immediately and blamelessly, in Nature, in Creation, the One Freedom, the One Choice.

In us, who remember to believe in Humanity, there is the hope that you (while smiling at the sight of the human-heartedness which appears as a prelude of the serenity of the soul) will be. I write this because those who were present in the room where the course of initiation in the Yumeiho therapy in Galaţi was held, towards the rough end of January, have had the first contact with what we might call “the being towards Prayer”.

Lucian D.
Galaţi, January, 2012