Practice and Training Regulations

The Yumeiho therapy is structured on 5 levels of theoretical and practical training. There are training courses and stages for each level. It is only beginning with the 3rd level that one can practice Yumeiho to therapeutic purposes. The training of a therapist takes at least 2 years. The training of an instructor takes between 3 years (introductory courses) and 5 years (instructor of refresher courses). The instructors of the yumeiho therapy are elected from people who have already reached the 3rd, the 4th and the 5th degree. They participate to special seminars and courses and, depending on the results they obtain, the levels of proficiency in teaching are also established.

The examination requirements, the regulation requirements and rules of both the practice and the training are featured in the (internationally valid) charts established by Master Dr. Saionji Masayuki, and by a commission of the I.I.P.P.M. from Tokyo run by Master Hashimoto Shigeru.

It is only the graduates of the special courses for therapists and for instructors, respectively, that can teach or / and practice this therapy. Both the therapists and the instructors must be holders of documents which ascertain the graduation and their competence. These documents can be issues by I.I.P.P.M. from Tokyo (which is compulsory for instructors!) or / and by the national and regional organizations (for practitioners and therapists). Also of note is the fact the therapists (thus, as from the 3rd degree) and the instructors (3rd, 4th and 5th degree) must be officially registered both at I.I.P.P.M. from Tokyo and at the professional organizations they territorially pertain.

All these regulations are necessary both to preventing the occurrence of errors in practice and in teaching the therapy and to ensure the teaching, the improvement and, respectively, the constant information of the Yumeiho therapy practitioners.

Sorin Iga
President of the Romanian Yumeiho Society,
6th degree instructor and therapist,
International representative of the International Institute of Practical Preventive Medicine from Tokyo – Japan