Galati 29th  July to 3th August, 2019
May 26, 2019
Yumeiho – treating the whole body massage
October 25, 2019

Tulcea 1th to 6th July, 2019


The course will be held by Mirodone Mihai, 5th level instructor approved by the Romanian Yumeiho® Society and Yumeiho® Center from Japan.

Graduates will receive course GRADUATION CERTIFICATES issued by the Romanian Yumeiho Society® and DIPLOMAS issued by Yumeiho® Center from Japan (the diplomas will be granted only under special circumstances to the 1st, 2rd and 3th level graduates).

Participation fee:
– 1000 RON + 100 $ (international certification tax) for the candidates to the 1st;
–   800 RON +  200 $ (international certification tax) for the candidates to the 2nd;
–   600 RON for the participants to the refresher stage.

The tax for international certification is set  by Yumeiho® Center from Japan. The tax will be paid in RON at the BNR value from the date of issue of the diploma.The confirmation of the international calification/specialization is confirmed with the diploma issued by Yumeiho® Center from Japan.

is possible after the transmission of the following information:
– name and surname (according to identity card or passport )·
– company information (in the case of settlement on the legal person)·
– home town
– the home address ( required for billing )
– email adress
– phone number
– profession (students are asked to note: University / Faculty / Specialization / Year );
– proof of payment of participation fee;to the following email adress:
Those interested in participating will be considered enrolled after they payed 50% of the course fee in advance. Only the advance or the full amount can be paid.

*You will receive the bill in the first day of the course or on email after the confirmation. If you wish to issue the invoice as a legal person, do not forget to specify this thing when you pay the advance or the full fee.
*Withdrawal from this event with the refund of the participation fee can be made until June 21, 2019.
*Paying and attending the course does not guarantee the degree (level of competence) corresponding to the level of the course.

*Course participants subscribed to the initiation in the Yumeiho therapy will receive a course support and specialty information in electronic format.

The account where the money will be deposited is:
single registration code: 40246200
Bank: Transilvania
Iban: RO 98 BTRL RONCRT 0478 262 601

For further information you can contact me via :
* telephone: 0745 020 307 Mirodone Mihai.
* message: (sms , email,  FACEBOOK , WhatsApp )

Anyone can attent the course regardless of their knowledge. Being an initiation course in Yumeiho therapy, the emphasis will be on learning the basic technique.
After graduating, those interested in specializing in Yumeiho® really need to acquire thorough knowledge in anatomy, biomechanics that can be learned through persevering practice of the technique and the need for information about the encountered pathologies.

Deadline for signing up is June 28rd 2019

 The minimum number of participants for holding the course is 10 people. If the group is not filled by the deadline, the course will be deferred at a later date.

 Course Program:
* Monday – Friday between 17-21;
* Saturday and Sunday 09-14 (under certain circumstances the program may change but will be agreed on with the course participants).

Advantages of participation:
– the course is supported by certified instructor;
– Information on basic technique in yumeiho therapy, anatomy, biomechanics and patient assessment is received.
–  you apply and receive therapy through the daily practice.