The extension of the dorsal area of the torso (by arching)

The massage of the median line of the forehead
September 6, 2018
The posterior extension and the stretching of the shoulder joints
September 6, 2018

The patient sits on his knees, with the buttocks on the heels. The therapist places his knees (kneecaps) right above the posterior-superior iliac crests (bilaterally, symmetrically from the lumbar vertebrae L 3-4) and secures his position on the ground with the toes, then he grabs the patient’s shoulders from behind the armpits. The patient is asked to relax and bend backwards. At the same time, the therapist bend backwards until he reaches the ground completely (pulling the patient over him and supporting him with the knees). The motion should be relatively slow, taking care that the patient’s feet (the dorsal side of the toes) are on the ground at all times (maintaining their initial position). The extension (arching) degree is determined according to the patient’s size and supportability by opening the angle between the therapist’s calves and thighs.

In order to maintain his balance, the therapist must place his soles slightly separated starting with the beginning of the procedure.