The extension of the shoulder joint

The massage of the adductor muscle of the thumb
September 6, 2018
The extension of the cervical intervertebral joints
September 6, 2018


The left upper limb of the patient is extended near the head, as straight as possible. The therapist, sitting on his knees, perpendicular on the patient, secures the patient’s left hand joint with his right hand. He massage in c. 5 points with the hollow of the hand, two times, starting from the external edge of the shoulder blade to the interior side of the forearm. The therapist’s palm will be placed so as to have the fingers oriented towards the patient’s back. The pressure should be moderate, without producing significant discomfort for the patient.

This description presents the manner in which the procedure is performed on the left side of the patient. Similarly, the same steps are followed on the right side. In the standard version, the procedure is first performed on the left side and then on the right side.