Introductory Courses on the YUMEIHO® Therapy

Be the therapist of your own family! Invest in health!

The key word to describe it all should definitely be “prophylactics”! And this is precisely what the Yumeiho therapy does! It is intended to prevent the onset of diseases and the worsening of the already existing conditions.
Yumeiho helps you alleviate or solve the health problems or your dear ones much more rapidly and with no costs! Its wholesome effects can help all of them stay healthy and reduce the number of medical exams.
Attending the initiation in the Yumeiho therapy is not conditioned by anything at all.
Everybody is advised to learn the therapy in order for them to be able to apply it on their own at home.

The following course is to be organized in Focsani between August 19nd and August the 25th, 2013.


The course will be held by Mirodone Mihai, level 4 therapist, instructor certified by the Romanian Yumeiho Society.

Registrations can be made – by phone 0745.020.307
                                      – by email:


Yumeiho is a therapy for body, mind and soul!

Yumeiho is a prophylactic manual therapy of postural readjustment with beneficial effects on the health of the entire organism, in particular on spine-related issues (and its adjoining back pains), on joints and sundry diseases of the internal organs.

Yumeiho increases the capacity of self-regeneration and healing of the organism and enhances the psycho-emotional life of the people who constantly turn to this therapy.

Grounded in a series of techniques which comprise specific massage and acupressure elements, as well as osteoarticular maneuvers, while being applied by an experienced therapist dully trained in medicine, the Yumeiho therapy yields beneficial results in all sorts of unbalances, physical unbalances (dysfunctions of the digestive, renal, respiratory, genital, nervous systems etc.) and emotional unbalances (stress, depressions, anxiety, nervousness etc.) included.

Due to the fact Yumeiho does not come down to a mere massage, the duration of a therapy session is at least one hour, though it depends, generally speaking, on the patient’s age, their overall condition and the disorders to be treated.

Yumeiho is also recommended to children, by force of the fact it helps the harmonious growth of their body and it contributes to the early adjustment of the inadequate posture of their backbone. The Yumeiho therapy has beneficial effects on the state of mind too and, unlike the classical massage, its said effects last up to several days after its application.

Now you can prevent or treat sundry disorders for considerably smaller prices and without the necessity of medication! Natural and beneficial!

In order to enjoy the multifold benefits of the Yumeiho therapy, you can turn to Mihai Mirodone, 4th degree therapist, instructor authorized by the Romanian Yumeiho Society.

Appointments can be made by phone, at 0745.020.307.